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16th World POP´s Meet & Championships - Villarrica 2024

Villarrica - Cautin Province - Araucania Region

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16th World POP´s Meet & Championships

Why we choose Villarrica?

Come and enjoy with family the different sports activities in the Lake or in the Volcano throughout the year



In Villarrica, the summers are comfortable and mostly clear. The warm season lasts for 3.1 months, from December 14 to March 17, with an average daily high temperature above 69°F.



The unit stands out for the protection of fauna species such as the Bridges degu, the peregrine falcon, matuasto lizard, Darwin's frog, trouts and salmons. As for flora, it appears as an emblem, the araucaria.



Enjoy spectacular sights from its many vantage points, practice your favorite sport or just visit one of the hot springs nearby to rest and recover your energy for another day.

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February 19th to 29th

16th World POPs Meeting & Championships

Come with us to share the most important competition of the year!

Villarrica in the south of Chile has been specially chosen, as it is a beautiful jumping area that meets all the expected conditions to enjoy a beautiful competition as well to visit impressive places of incomparable beauty.



Classic Accuracy, 4 Way Scrambles, 4 Way Nationals, 8 Way Speedstar, Sport Accuracy, Hit´n Rock, and a lot of fun..!

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16th World POP´s Meet & Championships Villarrica 2024

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The organization of this meeting would not be possible without the selfless collaboration of the following institutions and companies that have joined to be part of this event, to them our eternal gratitude..

16th World POPS Meeting & Championships

Competition Rules 2024

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Classic Accuracy

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Hit and Rock

Hit´n Rock

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4 Way Natl

4 Way Nationals

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4 Way Scrambles

4-Way scrambles

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Sport Accuracy

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8-Way Speedstar

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Important Information!!

If you are from Venezuela, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, or Dominica, you must have a Transitory Stay Visa. Dominicans holding a valid North American visa are exempt from this requirement. If you are from Australia, you need a E-Visa.

Travel to Chile

Requirements for entering Chile.

At the time of embarking to Chile, the person must comply with the following:

  • Certificate of vaccination issued in the country where vaccinated.
  • If the traveler does not have the vaccination schedule, they must show a negative result in a PCR test within a maximum of 48 hours from departure.
  • Under 18 years of age do not have any requirements to enter Chile.
  • Everybody may be subjected to a Covid test upon arrival. If the passenger refuses or obtains a positive result, they must carry out mandatory quarantine for 5 days at a sanitary residence.The passenger must assume this cost.
IMPORTANT: Foreigners who enter Chile as tourists must prove that they have sufficient daily funds of a minimum of US$46 to cover their expenses.

16th World POP´s Meet & Championships

Villarrica 2024

Embedded on the banks of the Villarrica lake and on the side of the Tolten River’s source, this city shares its name with two great and magnificent natural beauties: the lake and the volcano. Situated 85 kilometers away from Temuco, the capital of the region, Villarrica has always distinguished itself for being an operational center for tourists due to its conspicuous geographical situation between Pucón and Lican-Ray, and its innumerable services and infrastructure.



The city offers a wide variety of accommodations for all tastes and budgets. In and around the city there is a wide variety of hotels, ranging from very inexpensive to luxury boutique hotels. A popular option in Villarrica are the cabins, which are located a few meters from the center of the city of Villarrica.


Other Activities

Villarrica offers the best tours and activities that Chile has to offer. Thousands of incredibles destinations. Top-rated things to do. Hiking, biking, horseback riding, canoeing, diving, kayaking, canopying and exploring the volcanoes and caves or just sitting back and relaxing by the lake viewing the Volcano.

Available activities


This area has a gastronomic identity marked mainly by Mapuche cuisine and the complement of Spanish or German typical cuisine, but if you want to buy local and fresh products to cook in your accommodation, there are several markets and fairs in Villarrica where you can find fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood.

Where to go
Villarica Araucania Region

Places to enjoy

The best destination for food connoisseurs and outdoor fans. Perfect mix between good food, good friends and scenic landscapes. You will taste dishes that rescue the best of the Mapuche native cuisine together with the sweetness of German pastries. Live intense days, with a wide range of restaurants, fairs, markets and gambling casinos. Take a break of World Championships jumps and relax in its hot spring centers of warm and healing waters that will revive your senses.

World POPS


So much fun!!! There's a lot to do around the lake (beach) There's good food, you can have a nice swimm, the water is not so cold, the view is amazing, but also you can access thrilling experiences. Definitely a go if you want a day by the beach.

World POPS

Villarrica National Park

Extensive araucaria forests and native species inhabited by a variety of animal species that you will not find anywhere else and that will transform your trip through the park into a unique experience. The Villarrica volcano is the area’s main attraction and the most active in South America.

World POPS

Villarrica Volcano

One of the most active volcanoes in Latin America, this has become an adventure wonderland thanks to its beautiful landscape and the large number of glaciers that have made it famous. You can climb by foot to the crater of the volcano, at almost 3,000 meters above sea level and be amazed by the spectacular 360° view.

World POPS

National Parks

Walk through its National Parks and awe at millenary araucaria forests and the soft whistling of birds. Photograph the native fauna and fall in love with unique species such as the bobcat or the pudú.

World POPS

Amazing Activities

Enjoy rafting, ziplining, canyoning, and trekking among its magnificent volcanoes, rivers and lakes. Enjoy snowboarding on the steep slopes of its mountains.

Club Aéreo Villarrica
World POPS

Club Aéreo Villarica

El Club Aéreo Villarica is the most beautiful aviation club in Patagonia, with large areas of green grass, magnificently cared for and very comfortable facilities.

Our Team

Meet Our Organization Team

Our goal is to make the best Championships & Meeting ever seen!


Andrea Punulef

Public Relations

Ivan Rios Muñoz

World TOP POP #13

Peter Vermehren

Meet Director

Patricio Ravello

Safety Officer
Gustavo Reyes

Gustavo Reyes

Co Organiser

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"You don't quit skydiving because you get old, you get old because you quit skydiving!"

Bill Booth


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